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IV Solution WARNING from FDA

FDA warns health care professionals not to inject patients with IV solutions from Wallcur, of San Diego

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting health care professionals not to use Wallcur, LLC, simulated intravenous (IV) products in human or animal patients. These products are for training purposes only.

Before administering IV solutions to patients, health care providers should carefully check the labels to ensure that the products are not training products, such as Practi IV Solution Bags marketed by Wallcur. Wallcur’s training products, which may bear the words “for clinical simulation,” are not to be administered to patients.

FDA has become aware that some Wallcur training IV products have been distributed to health care facilities and administered to patients. There have been reports of serious adverse events associated with the use of certain of these products – i.e., Practi IV Solution Bags.
If you suspect that any Wallcur training IV products may have been administered to a patient, whether or not the incident has resulted in an adverse event, please report the incident to FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program by:

UPDATED Information Regarding Physician's Signature for Medication Administration 12-23-14

The Pharmacy Workgroup has set their policy.  Please see Physician Signature Memorandum 12-23-14 for the full details.


WVEMS has published it Suspected EVD (Hemorrhagic Fever) Guideline 11-3-14. This is a guideline to assist in the development of agency and/or municipality policies and procedures. The Guideline is a recommendation of the MINIMUMS that should be followed, in addition to any policies implemented by your operational medical director and any requirements of the receiving facility. In this guideline, there are several references to CDC guidance and other sources. Those references are updated often and should be checked frequently for updates and revisions.


Please note that WVEMS and the Virginia Office of EMS will only reference documents and policies issued by (or consistent with) CDC or VDH guidance.

EVD Screening and Refusals

What do you do when a patient screens positive for EVD, yet refuses transport? CDC Guidelines state that you should notify the Health Department and the CDC. An updated EMS screening tool will be provided soon by the CDC.

How to notify the Virginia Department of Health and CDC: Notification should be made to your local health district and to the CDC. See this document VDH District Epidemiology Contacts for contact info to report positive screened patients who refuse transport.


Is your PSAP doing initial screening for EVD? All PSAPs should be screening every call NOW. The CDC provides guidance for a simple modified call query:

For modified caller queries:


Ebola Virus Disease Information UPDATED 10-28-14

The Virginia Office of EMS (VaOEMS) has created a seperate webpage with a number of douments from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

The essential documents include these. When obtaining documents for use by your agency or your PSAP, pay close attention to teh revision date. These documents are evolving and changing at a rapid pace:

New IV Fluid Guidelines In Effect


Due to the nationwide shortage of IV fluids, beginning immediately, EMS providers in the WVEMS Region will only spike and use a bag of Normal Saline (or any other IV fluid) if they are responding to the following categories of patients (unless otherwise directed by medical control):

  • Hypotension, secondary to traumatic or medical issues
  • Hypovolemia

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WVEMS Board Minutes Archive

minutesWVEMS' former administrative intern Matthew Chupp recently completed a monumental project to scan all of the Board of Directors meeting minutes (and other corporate documents) dating back to the Council's organizational meeting held on October 2, 1975. Looking over these many notebooks filled with minutes brought back memories, especially to those who have been involved with WVEMS in one form or another since near the beginning. For a trip down memory lane, or to research how things got to be where they are, feel free to take a look HERE!

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