2023 WVEMS Protocol Implementation

The 2023 WVEMS Operational Protocols have been released with an official go-live date of October 23, 2023. The protocol update consists of reviewing the 2023 WVEMS Protocols/Policies, reviewing the 2023 Drug Box Schematic, watching the protocol rollout video, and signing the provider attestation form, and turning this form into your agency training officer. Provider attestation forms will be kept on file within the agency training files. Your agency leadership in consultation with your EMS Physician (OMD) will decide when your agency will transition to the 2023 WVEMS Protocol Version and if more agency specific training is required. The specific protocol changes are notated in the one-page Attestation form. WVEMS is available to assist EMS agencies that would like assistance and is recommended to contact their Field Coordinator for different options or by emailingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WVEMS Drug Boxes will be updated to the 2023 Schematic through routine exchange; do not take your drug box to the pharmacy just to obtain an updated box. Should you have any questions about emergent infield patient care, contact "online medical direction" of the receiving facility, otherwise contact your agency EMS Physician, or WVEMS staff. 

Please keep in mind that you are NOT allowed to practice under the new protocol guidelines until your EMS Physician (Operational Medical Director) has cleared you to do so. You can easily toggle between protocol versions under the settings located within the app (currently you will see the 2022 and the 2023 Versions located in the iOS and Android Applications).

Drug boxes that have been updated will have the following neon PINK label:

2023 Protocol Update


- 2023 WVEMS Protocols: WVEMS Protocols 2023  /   pdf PDF Click Here (35.47 MB)

- 2023 WVEMS Drug Box Schematic: WVEMS Drug Box Detail 2023 /  pdf PDF Click Here (334 KB)

- 2023 WVEMS Protocol Rollout Video: WVEMS Roll Out Video 2023

- 2023 WVEMS Protocols Attestation Form: WVEMS Roll Out Attestation 2023 /  pdf PDF Click Here (219 KB)

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