Board of Directors

WVEMS Board of Directors Roster (term expirations)

City of Roanoke - William O. Altman (12-31-18)
City of Salem - Marlon M. (Matt) Rickman (12-31-19)
City of Radford - Rodney Haywood (12-31-19)
City of Covington - Anthony Morgan (12-31-19)
City of Martinsville - Kristopher Shrader (12-31-18)
City of Danville - Michael Jefferson (12-31-20)
Botetourt County - Jason Ferguson (12-31-19)
Montgomery County - Joe Coyle (12-31-20)
Pulaski County - L. Joseph Trigg (12-31-19)
Floyd County - Ford S. Wirt (12-31-19)
Alleghany County - Ryan Muterspaugh (12-31-18)
Roanoke County - Stephen G. Simon (12-31-18)
Craig County - James Cady, Sr. (12-31-18)
Giles County - Larry Lafon (12-31-18)
Franklin County - William (Billy) Ferguson (12-31-18)
Henry County - Matthew Tatum (12-31-20)
Patrick County - Steve Allen (12-31-20)
Pittsylvania County - Timothy Duffer (12-31-19)
*Emergency Physician at-large - Eric Stanley, DO (12-31-18)
Emergency Nurses Association - Dallas Taylor, RN (12-31-18)
Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc. - Carey Harveycutter (12-31-20)
Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance - David Linkous (concurrent with position)
*At-large, Fourth Planning District - Valerie Tweedie (12-31-18)
*At-large, Fifth Planning District - Richard Flora (12-31-20)
*At-large, Twelfth Planning District - Dale Wagoner (12-31-20)
Regional Medical Director - Charles J. Lane, M.D. (concurrent with position)
Executive Director - Robert Logan (non-voting) (concurrent with position)

*Elected Director
All others are appointed by the bodies they represent.

Executive Committee

President - Stephen Simon
Vice President - Dale Wagoner
Secretary - Joe Trigg
Treasurer - Joe Coyle
Executive Director - Robert Logan
At-large, Fourth Planning District - Valerie Tweedie
At-large, Fifth Planning District - Jason Ferguson
At-large, Twelfth Planning District - Mike Jefferson

The Board normally meets on the Second Thursday of the third month of each calendar quarter. Meetings are open to the public, and guests are welcome.

Meetings are generally held at the Salem Civic Center . Meetings begin promptly at 2:00 PM. Meeting locations subject to change. Please call 800.972.4367 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm.


  Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

September 13, 2018

December 13, 2018

March 14, 2019

June 13, 2019

September 12, 2019

December 12, 2019

March 12, 2020

June 11, 2020


This organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt agency.  It is an integral part of Virginia's comprehensive EMS system. It serves to assess, identify, coordinate, plan and implement efficient and effective regional EMS delivery systems in partnership with Virginia's Office of Emergency Medical Services and EMS Advisory Board.

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