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The WVEMS Benny Summerlin Award for Service to Local Government 


The Summerlin Award is awarded by the Western Virginia EMS Council Executive Committee to recognize outstanding contributions to local government by current or former EMS providers. It is named for Benny Summerlin, a former WVEMS president, who dedicated his life to serving citizens in the community where he lived. As a young teenager in 1973, he began serving as a volunteer junior member of Martinsville – Henry County Rescue Squad and he continued serving his community until his passing at age 53, as he served as the County Administrator for Henry County.


Benny Summerlin’s dedication and service to EMS alone sets an exemplary standard. This award honors other  EMS providers who lead the community in which they live through excellent service in other areas of local government. The recipient of this award must have met the following minimum standards of service:


1.     25 or more years of service to the community (volunteer and/or career)

2.    Current of former EMS provider with an EMS agency in the WVEMS region

3.    Documented service as a leader in another area (besides EMS) within local government

4.    Documentation of adherence to ethical and professional standards


The purpose of this award of excellence is to recognize achievements and service to communities beyond the field of EMS. This award emphasizes the value EMS provides communities through its development of community leaders. The life of Benny Summerlin is a testament of the role EMS has in preparing the leaders of our communities. 


Attachments: Submit one letter of recommendation and a maximum of two additional attachments, which can include a resume or CV, newspaper/periodical articles or other materials, may be included with the nomination form. Please note: Only three attachments will be accepted. 


Photo Required: A high-resolution (300 DPI or greater) photo of the nominee must be included. Try to send a color photo (with good lighting) showing just the nominee.

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