Upcoming Education and Events

The Virginia Department of Health Office of Emergency Preparedness will conduct Community Based Emergency Response Seminar (CBERS) this Spring throughout the Commonwealth.  This year’s topic will be Resilient Responder ~ Self-Care for Responders Before, During, & After an Emergency.

Target Audience: Any disaster or emergency responder

  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Shelter Workers
  • EOC Staff
  • EMS/Fire/Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Emergency Department Staff
  • Local Health Districts and OCME Staff
  • Anyone who responds to emergencies or disasters as part of their job.

  pdf Click Here for Course Flyer and Registration (434 KB)

The EMS Officer 1 program targets the entry-level officer serving as crew leader or AIC. Upon successful completion, the student will be able to effectively manage EMS agency operations and administration. 

The Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance will be hosting a Pediatric Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness Class at the Vinton War Memorial on July 22-23, 2020. Registration is required. pdf Click here for course flyer. (2.11 MB)

A 2010 report by the National Commission on Children and Disasters identified a training gap for emergency responders, first receivers, and emergency management personnel that reduced their effectiveness in responding to pediatric patients and their unique needs/considerations. 

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